For Faculty & Staff

As faculty and staff, you can provide meaningful hands-on learning opportunities for undergraduate students. These opportunities include entrepreneurship activities, international experiences, internships, leadership opportunities, research experiences, service learning, social innovation, tutoring, etc.  Students are looking to develop real-world skills that will successfully prepare them for career development and personal growth.

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  • What are the student hiring procedures?

    Students can participate in your research experience and applied learning opportunities by being employees or volunteers, or by earning academic credit. Please consult the following FIU campus policies to ensure compliance.

    If you provide a stipend for an undergraduate research assistant (e.g., through an REU grant) during the academic year, the stipend will displace financial aid.

  • Where can I find safety training procedures for students?

    Student employees must be made aware of safety training that is appropriate for the work experience. Campus provides recommended safety training for different categories. Please refer to the FIU Department of Environmental Health & Safety for more details.


  • Where can I find hiring procedures for international students?

    If the student’s degree requires or options internships or work experience as an integral part of the program of study, international students with F-1 or J-1 visa status must receive work authorization to intern or work on/off campus. Depending on the type of work authorization, the FIU Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides information on Curricular Practical Training and Academic Training. The information provides application timeframes, eligibility, requirements, process, and more.