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ATG Vendor Management Analyst I

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ATG Vendor Management Analyst I

The Vendor Management Analyst I is primarily responsible for establishing new relationships with key manufactures.

The Vendor Management Analyst I is also responsible for cultivating current vendor relationships to maximize company sales and profits while leveraging technologies to lower the cost of doing business, and merchandising current product offerings on the website to increase customer satisfaction and improve sales conversions. To accomplish this, the Vendor Management Analyst I must have knowledge of sales and merchandizing.

The Vendor Management Analyst I works closely with the Merchandizers and Divisional Managers to bring on an array of vendors that provide The Mine with quality goods within their category.


Grow Company Sales and Profits
Create instructions for the use of all tools and functionality needed for department
Provide visionary ideas and direction for Business Development/Manufacturer Relations
Ensures the company is in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.
Perform any task from time-to-time that may be assigned by Supervisor or Company Management.
Research New Product Lines to broaden breadth of product offerings
Make first contact with potential suppliers
Handle all new account setup inquiries with setup leveraged towards The Mine Goals
Recommend which vendors most urgently need to be added to the site based on data from relevant sources
Provide Imaging, Pricing and Data to the Content Department
Negotiate Purchase Discounts, advertising co-op, allowances, and other Incentives with suppliers
Negotiate programs with suppliers from year-to-year as he/she deems fit with accordance to the goal of maximizing company profit
Advise vendors on the implementation of various procedures and technologies such as but not limited to EDI, Web Invoicing, and EFT
Organize and prioritize departmental objectives by using spreadsheets and tools created by IT
Handle all vendor relationship issues that may arise
Travel to tradeshows and off site meetings as needed
Competencies Needed:

The Vendor Management Analyst Must have ability to anticipate, as much as possible, the needs of the vendors and by using the business trends, inventory tools and VM tools as well as any communications from the vendors. The Vendor Management Analyst must then balance these needs with the needs of the company to create a mutually beneficial relationship.
Transportation – Knowledge of and ability to develop and use strategies, practices and tools for arranging the transportation of goods to and from suppliers, distribution centers, retail stores and consumers
Logistics – Knowledge of and ability to develop and use, strategies, practices and tools to understand, predict and/or control the movement of goods, materials and supplies through the supply chain
Retail Supply Chain Management – Knowledge of, and ability to develop and use, strategies, practices and tools for controlling the logistical factors that lie between the purchase of goods, materials and supplies and their delivery to the point of sale
Business Statistics – Knowledge of the tools, processes, and practices that describe business results in measurable scales; ability to use this knowledge and data to assist in making business decisions
Organizationally Savvy – The ability to maneuver well to accomplish work in the position and with strategic business partners. This includes the ability to build and grow a network of partnerships, develop an understanding of formal and informal decision-making processes, and leverage knowledge of functional and cross-functional operations to accomplish work objectives
Effective Communication – The skill to write, present and listen effectively. This includes adjusting the amount, style and content of the information to fit the audience, and convey a compelling message
Creating the New and Different – The ability to develop creative ideas and question conventional approaches. This includes reevaluating current approaches and suggesting and/or implementing new ideas, looking into the future to create innovative and unconventional solutions, and working with others to generate multiple ideas. This also includes being comfortable working in a changing environment
Decision Making – The ability to solve tough and complex problems. This includes the ability to effectively glean meaning from available data, be a quick study of the new and different, add personal wisdom and experience to arrive at the best solution given the information available, and use multiple problem-solving tools and techniques
Flexibility – The ability to demonstrate resourcefulness and resilience in the face of change, obstacles and adversity. This includes adapting to competing demands and shifting priorities. This also includes improving adaptability, pursuing new skills and knowledge, and regularly seeking feedback from others
Prioritization – The ability to prioritize work activities. This includes identifying which tasks are most important, avoiding distractions, and dealing with setbacks in a timely manner
Relationship Management – The ability to relate to a wide variety of people of diverse backgrounds, opinions, and experiences. This includes being open to differences, quickly finding common ground, and being respectful of others
Business Acumen – Knowledge of the business and the mission-critical technical and functional skills needed to do his/her job. This includes knowledge of various types of business propositions, how businesses operate in general, and easily learning new methods and technologies
Troubleshooting – The ability to quickly and directly address problems, find common ground and persevere on tough assignments. This includes a willingness to be centrally involved in debates, and facilitate conflict discussion and resolution
Focus – The ability to attack work activities with drive and energy, understanding the impact of work on key metrics, and making decisions that are in the company’s best interest. This includes not being afraid to initiate action before all the facts are known, and driving value-added work tasks to completion
Teamwork – Thee ability to diagnose people’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential, delegate work to and/or influence others. This includes communicating work tasks and establishing expectations. This also includes monitoring progress and ensuring quality of work
Integrity – The ability to be consistent and act in line with a clear and visible set of values and ethics. This includes maintaining high character and integrity, dealing and talking straight, walking his/her talk, and being direct and truthful while also keeping confidences
Caring – The ability to show empathy and have sympathy for others. This includes being quick to help others, showing genuine care and concern for others, going out of his/her way for others, making time to listen, and assisting those in need. This also includes building trust with others through mutual respect
Relating Skills – The ability to relate well to all types of people. This includes being friendly and interpersonally agile. This also includes being easy to approach and talk to, as well as having the ability to make pleasant first impressions and build solid relationships
Required Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree in Business or related field
2 years of experience in merchandizing
1-3 years’ experience in sales, merchandising
Preferred Qualifications:

Masters’ Degree in Business or related field
7 years of experience in merchandizing
3-5 years’ experience in sales and negotiation
Occasional Travel is required.

The Mine … Great people, great benefits, great company! If you are the candidate we describe, please send your resume to hr@themine.com.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and offer our employees a smoke-free work environment!

Contact Information

Contact: Human Resources
Company Name: The Mine
Email Address: hr@themine.com
Web Site Address: www.themine.com


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