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  • Funding Opportunities

    This section contains resources to assist FIU researchers identify funding opportunities.  As you navigate through this page, you will find a listing of internal and external opportunities as well as a host of tools that can assist your search for funding.  Early career investigators and faculty in the arts, humanities, and social sciences are encouraged to search the tailored lists that identify agencies with these funding priorities. Click here to view our funding opportunities.

  • Research Development Unit

    Research Development strives to strengthen research and scholarship activities at FIU by offering an array of support services tailored to the identified needs of research faculty. For faculty interested in securing external funding, the unit identifies grant opportunities and assists with proposal preparation. To foster multidisciplinary collaboration and team science, ORED stimulates professional interest areas and networking groups. A robust professional development program, offered in partnership with senior leadership from FIU’s colleges, provides FIU faculty with the tools needed to hone their skills as researchers, and with guidance that aligns their research efforts with their departments’ requirements for tenure and promotion. On-line resources are available to provide assistance to investigators at all stages of their research careers.

  • Proposal Development

    The Proposal Preparation section contains information and resources to assist faculty and administrators in the development and submission of proposals. Please refer to the left-hand navigation to find all resources related to proposal development and submission. If you are looking for a funding opportunity, please refer to the funding opportunities section of the FIU Research website.

  • Award Management

    The Award Management section is designed to be used as a guide to effectively manage an award while keeping compliant with the University and sponsor policies and procedures. The information provided guides the PI or administrator from the initial award setup through the final stages of the award closeout and includes references to forms and policies & procedures needed through the award’s life cycle.

  • Human Research (IRB)

    The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee established under federal regulations for the protection of human subjects in research (45 CFR 46). Its purpose is to help protect the rights and welfare of human participants in research. FIU faculty, staff, and students are required to obtain IRB approval prior to conducting research with human subjects. This applies to both on-campus and off-campus research, regardless of funding.

    This site contains the necessary tools and information to assist investigators during the IRB protocol submission and review process. You can find them on the left navigation menu including Obtaining IRB Approval, which provides step by step instructions on preparing your submission; Policies & Procedures,  which contains helpful resources on conducting research with humans subjects, and IRB FAQs, which contains answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Animal Research (IACUC)

    The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a federally mandated committee that reviews all protocols involving animals to ensure that they are justified by their benefits and minimize any animal pain or suffering that might occur. The use of animal research and teaching is a privilege that requires professional and moral obligations.

    The IACUC is dedicated to supporting the education and research mission of the University while maintaining compliance with Federal and State animal care principles, guidelines, and regulations. The Florida International University’s Animal Care and Use Program encompass all animal use by the University for research, testing, and education.

    In addition, the IACUC also reviews the institutional program for animal use and conducts inspections of all areas where animals are housed and used.

    This site contains the necessary tools and information to assist investigators during the IACUC protocol submission and review process. You can find them on the left navigation menu including Obtaining IACUC Approval which provides step by step instructions on preparing your submission, Policies & Procedures which contains helpful resources on conducting research with animals, and IACUC FAQs which contains answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Responsible Conduct of Research

    Florida International University promotes Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) practicing high standards of ethics and accountability in planning, implementation, behavior and information dissemination. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to provide safe work environments, which foster the values of a shared responsible community.

    This site contains various resources and tools that can be used to ensure researchers conduct research responsibly.

    Need Assistance?
    If you have any questions regarding Responsible Conduct of Research, please contact the Office of Research Integrity at (305) 348-0056.

  • Export Controls

    Export control laws prohibit the export of certain items and information, or the export of items and information to certain destinations, without a license. The term “export” is defined to include the transmission of goods outside of the United States, as well as the transmission of information by any means to foreign nationals, whether in the U.S. or abroad. The scope of the regulations is broad: they cover exports in the fields of science, engineering, and technology, and apply to Florida International University (FIU) activities.

    Faculty and staff of FIU may engage in various research activities overseas, such as attending conferences abroad, entering into academic agreements for services or agreements to do research or to provide goods outside the U.S., making payments to foreign entities or individuals, setting up overseas programs, and co-publishing scholarly articles with foreign colleagues.

    Please note that any project with export control requirements accepted by the Office of Research and Economic Development cannot commence until the PI has undergone export control training. Additional information regarding training can be found on this page.

  • Conflict of Interest

    The University has updated its Conflict of Interest in Research Policy #2370.005 to comply with revised regulations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service (PHS) effective August 24, 2012. The complete updated policy may be viewed at https://policies.fiu.edu/policy/572.

    The updated policy furthers the University’s emphasis on promoting objectivity in research by establishing and maintaining standards that ensure that the design, conduct, and reporting of research are free from bias due to an impermissible conflict of interest. This page provides an overview of the new requirements and processes in light of the updated policy. If you have particular questions about your sponsored project proposal or award, please contact your Pre-Award representative at 305-348-2494 .

  • Technology and Innovation

    FIU Research has given rise to state of the art innovation and discovery within the University community to build and strengthen a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. On this site you will find technologies available for licensing as well as the policies and procedures associated with development and commercialization of technologies.

  • Technologies Available for Licensing

    Click here to view the technologies available for licensing.

  • Technology Disclosure

    The technology transfer process begins in the University when the research investigator or creator identifies a discovery or innovation which he or she believes may have potential for commercial development.

    The first formal step in the process occurs when an inventor or creator submits a disclosure form describing the innovation.

    With the disclosure form, University inventors alert the Technology Management and Commercialization that they have made an invention: some apparatus, process, or composition of matter (including a living organism) that is useful and distinctly different from anything previously known.

    After receipt of a complete disclosure form, an assessment of the invention’s technical and marketing potential is conducted.

    Click the Policies & Procedures link on the left for more information about the disclosure process

  • Inventor’s Handbook

    Click here to view the Inventor’s Handbook.

  • Partnerships and Economic Development Unit

    The Partnerships and Economic Development Unit assists investigators and research centers in obtaining the resources and facilitating the collaborations necessary to successfully maintain and expand their research operations. The Unit maintains broad interactions with federal, state and other funding agencies to facilitate access to program officers and to keep the FIU research community abreast of agency initiatives and funding opportunities as soon as they become available. Additionally, the Unit fosters communication with industry and business partners to identify opportunities for collaboration and to further faculty research endeavors. In these endeavors, we coordinate with the Office of Governmental Relations with an emphasis on communication and interaction with federal research funding agencies.

  • Training and International Research Initiatives Unit

    The Training and International Research Initiatives Unit primarily assists with management and administration of research training grants and international sponsored projects. This unit currently has specific management responsibilities for theResearch Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) funded by NIH, Robert Lickliter, PI, and the Bridge to the Doctorate Program (BDP) funded by NSF, Shekhar Bhansali, PI. Additionally, this unit leads ORED’s efforts in managing and increasing funding for international research initiatives. Specific activities include:

  • Florida International University Research Newsletter

    Click here to view the FIU Research Newsletter.

  • Research ListServ

    Follow the steps that are presented to sign-up for the FIU Research ListServs to receive the latest information and notifications from the Division of Research.

  • FIU Research Staff Directory

    A complete listing of the Office of Research and Economic Development staff by office is provided here. If you need help with general inquiries, please call 305-348-2494 or email research@fiu.edu.